Destiny confirmed to be a "long-term exclusive" for PlayStation 4

Destiny confirmed to be a "long-term exclusive" for PlayStation 4


Bad news Xbox fanboys – the creators of Halo’s new game Destiny is about to get even better on PlayStation 4. After Sony’s exclusive preview of the game, it confirmed that it a “long-term exclusive agreement” with Bungie to provide additional content to the game (and possibly will have a lock on any sequels – but that’s just pure conjecture on my part)

“I’m happy to announce that we’ve established a long-term exclusive partnership with Bungie to ensure PS4 evolves and grows with Destiny,” Sony’s Andrew House told the crowd at its press conference.

Don’t worry, the Xbox One still gets Destiny. Just not all the exclusive goodies that Bungie will create – that’s going to Sony.

Edit: this post initially said that this was an exclusive. That was wrong. It is indeed coming to the Xbox One and 360.

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