Dell XPS 13 ultrabook launches today, starts at $1199

Dell XPS 13 ultrabook launches today, starts at $1199

Dell’s XPS 13, described by the company as the ‘most compact’ ultrabook, is launching today in Australia. Shown off at CES 2012, it managed to squeeze a 13.3-inch Ultrabook into the same size as an 11-inch laptop. Yes, we’re still wondering how that happens.

The ultrabook comes with an Core i5 processor in the base model, with 128GB SSD hard drive and 4GB of memory. This will set you back a hefty $1199 and if you wish to buy it, you can do so now via its website or via the ‘Experience Centres’ in Bondi Junction and Parramatta.

The Core i7 model, however, with the same specifications, won’t launch until tomorrow. It will be available at JB Hi Fi stores with a retail price of $1499.

Gallery is below:

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