Dell goes 3D with new desktops and laptops

Dell goes 3D with new desktops and laptops

Dell XPS 17 - The first 3D laptop from Dell (Image: Dell)

Dell is about to join the long list of computer makers to have added 3D to their desktops and laptops, as it plans to have three desktops and laptops to allow customers to view their 3D content on their screen. And yes, you will need to wear the glasses.

Dell’s XPS laptop will be the first to have 3D for the company with a 17-inch laptop, and will feature similar internals with a JBL sound system, integrated subwoofer and HD streaming with Skype with its HD camera.

How it brings 3D content to your eyes is thanks to NVIDIA, as it comes equipped with the GeForce GT 555M graphics card and will include NVIDIA 3DTV Play, allowing users to connect their 3D HDTV to the laptop. Dell has also noted that the laptop will feature the second-generation Core i7 processor.

Alienware M17x (R3) Notebooks (Image: Alienware/Dell)

The Dell XPS 17 with 3D capable display comes out in February and will start at $1,449.

Alienware, Dell’s gaming computer brand, is also getting into the 3D mix. The brand-new M17x laptop, a 17-inch laptop, will feature a full HD 120Hz 3D screen that will allow stereoscopic viewing for playing 3D-capable games, though none exist so far for PC (as we know of), and watching 3D Blu-ray movies. The specs of the laptop have not been released, but it will sell for a starting price of  $1,499 and will be out on January 10 for some regions – and will differ region to region.

Alienware Aurora Desktop (Image: Alienware/Dell)

As well, the Alienware Aurora will be getting the 3D treatment as well, as the company plans to introduce new models that feature full 3D HD capability and liquid-cooled CPUs. The new gaming systems will use Intel’s new “Sandy Bridge” processors with Turbo Bridge, and will have powerful graphic options, scalable memory and storage options. Those, however, have not been revealed by Alienware, but will be bought on January 10 for some regions – again, varies by region to region, for a price tag starting at $1799.

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