Delicious sold for $1m, heading to StumbleUpon?

Delicious sold for $1m, heading to StumbleUpon?
Carol Bartz

Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo, is selling Delicious. But to whom?

Yahoo is being reported to have found a buyer for the popular bookmarking service Delicious for US$1 million. Rumours by British newspaper The Guardian are saying that the leading bid is being headed up by StumbleUpon, another web link sharing site.

The site, bought by Yahoo in 2005, was supposed to revitalise Yahoo after being integrated to the brand. That never happened, and Delicious and other acquisitions, such as Flickr, kept most of its own identity – sans the integration of Yahoo ID.

The site was identified to be on the “sunset” list of Yahoo properties that were leaked out in mid-December as part of an overhaul initiated by chief executive Carol Bartz, hoping to reverse a trend in Yahoo and focus on its key assets. Delicious, still popular by many, was rumoured to be sold instead of shut down.

Others included MyBlogLog, Yahoo Bookmarks and Altavista – a 1990s search engine that was popular, and was the original maintainer of the popular Babelfish translator.

It has been understood that the talent behind Delicious has either been deployed on other parts of Yahoo, or have been fired by the company. Support staff only remains.

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