Cut Copy’s 3D printed open source music video

Cut Copy’s 3D printed open source music video

Aussie indietronica band Cut Copy have teamed up with awesome Japanese creative collective Party (I highly recommend checking out their past work) to create their newest music video for the funky song ‘We Are Explorers’ off of their most recent album ‘Free Your Mind’.

The end product is a cute little video in which a pair of miniature 3D-printed characters partakes in a series of adventures around an urban setting at night.

To achieve the desired lighting effect, the figurines were printed with a yellow UV-reactive filament and were filmed at night under black light flashlights.

To interact with fans, the team has distributed a bundle on BitTorrent that contains all the 3D printing files, a guide on how to use them to recreate the video, the song, and, the video. Users are encouraged to use the 3D files to print their own figurines, reshape the narrative in any way they wish and to share their creations.

So if you have a 3D printer, turn up your speakers and start creating!

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