Cubify's CubeX 3D printer lets you print in three colours

Cubify's CubeX 3D printer lets you print in three colours


Printing in three colours doesn’t seem that impressive. However, in terms of a 3D printer, it’s pretty damn impressive – given that most print in one colour, and some offer two colour printing. This printer, the CubeX, is the only desktop printer that an print in three – and was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

The CubeX can print one big basketball, according to Cubify – though not regulation size – with it able to print any item that can fit inside its 10.8 x 10.45 x 9.5 inch printing area. According to them as well, it can print twice as fast as its rivals, and offers more choices in how you print – including the accuracy and fill density. The printer supports both PLA and ABS plastics, and has automatic switching between the two materials.

Pricing starts at US$2,499 for the single-colour print model. The three-colour model is aroud US$4,399. You can order it from their website.

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