Conroy announces ISPs to be part of filtering trial – Optus, iiNet left out of the list

Conroy announces ISPs to be part of filtering trial – Optus, iiNet left out of the list

After weeks of delays, the Minister for Communications Senator Stephen Conroy has announced the first ISPs that will participate in the filtering trials, originally scheduled to be done in December 24 – and then delayed to the middle of January; as many continue to oppose the plan.

Primus Telecommunications, Tech 2U, Webshield, OMNIconnect, Netforce and Highway 1 have been announced to take part. Obviously, big name ISPs like Telstra and Internode have been left out – most likely because they did not apply to take part in the first place.

However, iiNet and Optus – both who said that they have made an application to participate in the trial, have also been left out.

"Arrangements for the first phase of the live pilot have been finalised with six ISPs while consultations continue with a number of other ISPs that have applied to take part,” Senator Conroy said in a statement announcing the winning ISPs.

“The live pilot will provide evidence on the real-world impacts of ISP content filtering, including for providers and internet users. It will provide evidence to assist the Government in the implementation of its policy.”

The minister also notes that the government is well-aware with the “technical concerns” about ISP-level filtering; and has said that this is the reason why they are conducting the pilot.

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