Commonwealth Bank hit with glitch - wipes account balances [Updated]

Commonwealth Bank hit with glitch - wipes account balances [Updated]

The Commonwealth Bank has been hit with a similar glitch similar to what happened to its rival, National Australia Bank.

The bank has now released a statement that the problem has been resolved.

According to several reports, some customers were unable to access their account information, including their account balances.

The problem, according to the bank, only affected five percent of its accounts, mostly business banking accounts and a small amount of retail customers around the country; and was caused by processing problems encountered overnight.

“We expect that the processing of the file may cause some minor, short-term disruption to CommBiz and NetBank customers as we update balances in affected accounts,” the bank said in a statement to the media. The bank has apologised for the matter.

The Commonwealth Bank’s problems seem to be a bit smaller than NAB’s problem last month, where hundreds of thousands of customers were unable to access their money or getting paid to their accounts, forcing them to keep their branches open on a Sunday to allow transactions to be processed or withdraw funds.

Image by Acid8000/Flickr (Creative Commons)

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