ComicCon 2011: Halo Anniversary Campaign Demo Trailer

ComicCon 2011: Halo Anniversary Campaign Demo Trailer

Only a few more months until Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary hits the stores, and in about a month, more news on Halo: Anniversary and Halo 4 will be released at HaloFest at PAX Prime 2011. A demo trailer of the Halo: CEA campaign was shown at this year’s ComicCon, and from what we know, 343 Industries are yet to announce more features other than the campaign.

Dan Ayoub, the Executive Producer at 343 gives us an insight into Halo: CEA’s Campaign, showing off the new graphics and sound engine, the physics in gameplay, and the feature to change the graphics from classic mode to the remastered version. Being 343’s primary goal to make sure Halo fans could re-live what it was like to play the game 10 years ago, they have done an fantastic job in ‘preserving’ Halo, by adding a remastered graphics layer over Halo: CE’s graphics layer and still keeping the original game’s physics and movements.

To watch the Halo Anniversary Campaign Demo Trailer, Click HERE!

As a massive Halo fan, re-living the experience of playing the (best) Halo Campaign on my Xbox, would be fantastic, not only will playing this make me think about mission such as Truth and Reconciliation, where you snipe enemies at night, Assault in the Control room, and my favourite campaign mission of all, The Maw, where you have to drive through groups of flood to get to the ship, but will also experience the “campaign of the decade” that made Halo what is is today

343 Industries have done a great job so far as the new developers for the Halo series, and have shown how their main focus are the Halo fans. They have also announced that At HaloFest, at PAX Prime in August 26 to 28, a Halo: CEA Demo will be playable as well announcing more information about Halo 4, the start of a new Halo Trilogy

More information about Halo: Anniversary and Halo 4 soon.

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