Chrome OVERTAKES Firefox for second place, IE still falling

Chrome OVERTAKES Firefox for second place, IE still falling

An early Christmas gift, perhaps? November statistics from analytical firm StatCounter shows that Google’s Chrome browser can now claim it is the second-most used browser in the world, topping previous second-place Firefox in a very, very small margin.

Chrome now owns 25.69% of the worldwide market – a jump from 13.35 percent last year, and 4.66 percent of the market in 2009. Firefox, however, now takes 25.23 percent of market share. However, it was not unexpected, as Firefox has slowly been losing market share to Chrome.

Internet Explorer saw a slight gain in market share, from 40.18 percent to 40.63 percent in November. However, compared to last, it is lower. However, for Internet Explorer, it is still the most dominant browser in the world. However, I bet we’ll see IE’s market share fall below 40 percent in December or even next year, as Firefox’s losing market share will stabilise and Chrome continues to grow.

Safari still remains fourth with 5.92 percent, while Opera has 1.82 percent. Below are the statistics for November this year, and comparison from November 2010.

For the Australian market, Internet Explorer still remains dominant with 40.72 percent of the market. However, Firefox dominates Chrome with a larger margin, with Firefox holding 23.55 percent and Chrome (third) owning 20.9 percent. Safari is fourth with 13.51 percent while Opera holds 0.72 percent.

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