Chrome OS Pilot Program to go international, but when?

Chrome OS Pilot Program to go international, but when?

It’s a shame that Google couldn’t open the program outside of America, because we really would like to try one out (and possibly me beating Stewart and Tom to get it), but there’s some news.

The entire blogosphere (well, the one that is outside of the United States) is going crazy over the fact that Google has confirmed that Chrome OS’ CR-48 laptops and its pilot program will go international, after a little read through the FAQs page from Google:

We’ve been inundated with requests for Cr-48’s from around the world. Unfortunately, due to product certification requirements, we are unable to distribute Chrome notebooks outside of the United States at this time. We are working hard on getting these certifications, and we hope to bring Chrome notebooks to your country soon. Thanks for understanding!

Now we know it is coming. However, the important question is when will the Cr-48 come to those outside the US? Google has confirmed that it is working to get certifications, which mainly consist of getting certificates for its wireless antennas in order to make sure that it broadcasts in the right spectrum and passing quality testing by the relevant standards committee.

As what we have seen, Europe is definitely getting it first then followed by Asia, and possibly when Asia gets it, we could get it because of the proximity between us and Asia. But who knows, Google could just open it to everyone.

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