CHOICE complains about Australia Tax on iPhone 5s and 5c

CHOICE complains about Australia Tax on iPhone 5s and 5c

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Consumer watchdog CHOICE has attacked Apple on its pricing for its new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, saying that there is a price discrepancy – with GST removed – of up to 14 percent between the outright pricing in Australia compared to the United States.

“The iPhone 5c, the so-called cheap option, will cost Australians AU$739 for the 16GB version and Americans just US$549. After removing the GST from the Australian price and converting the American price to Australian dollars, Australians will pay just under $82, or 14%, more than Americans,” CHOICE said today in a news post.

CHOICE based their figures by making the AUD-USD exchange rate as 93 cents – which, at the time of writing, is what it is currently (according to Google).

You can find the price comparisons between the US outright pricing and Australian outright pricing below. I should note that the Australian outright pricing does include GST.

Australian Apple Store US Apple Store
iPhone 5c 16GB AU$739 US$549 / AU$590.13
iPhone 5c 32GB AU$869 US$649 / AU$697.62
iPhone 5s 16GB AU$869 US$649 / AU$697.62
iPhone 5s 32GB AU$999 US$749 / AU$805.12
iPhone 5s 64GB AU$1129 US$849 / AU$912.61

Note: currency rate is current at the time of writing – with the Australian dollar buying 93 US cents.

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