China to launch 3D TV trial, aims for Chinese New Year launch

China to launch 3D TV trial, aims for Chinese New Year launch
Sony HMZ-T1

Sony's HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer (Image: Sony)

China will soon embrace 3D television with a trial channel to be launched during Chinese New Year. Operated by China’s state television – China Central Television – and five local stations, it will also be free-to-air.

it will broadcast 4.5 hours of programming that will be repeated twice. What will be on the channel, however, is unknown. I’m guessing that it has been launched in preparation of the London 2012 Olympics, where some events are expected to be shown in 3D.

The broadcast regulator has suggested that the channel’s launch could generate huge revenues as people would buy a new television in order to see the channel. But based on previous experiences in Australia – where a trial between Nine and SBS – did not see any increases in 3D TV uptake. Foxtel, which has a 3D channel up and running, has also not increased sales.

Source: BBC News

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