Check-in with Foursquare... in Firefox?

Check-in with Foursquare... in Firefox?

Foursquare appears to have quite a following here in Australia (and apparently, in North Korea and up in space), but for some cases you don’t want to go and whip out your phone because you may have a crappy connection (via Vodafone) or happen to be so damn lazy. Well not any more.

A little plugin called Foursquarefox takes the hassle away of checking in and puts it in your Firefox browser – allowing you to simply check in (via the internet) and have every single feature that you get on the mobile apps. In fact, the interface is similar to the iPhone app.

While some may use this to cheat the system – it isn’t designed for that. It’s supposed to make it more easier for you to check in without the crappy connection (like I said, like Vodafone). So, if you are a Foursquare fanatic and happen to bring your laptop most of the time, why not use this easy plugin.

It works with Firefox version 3.5 or above, and you can download the plugin at its website.

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