Channel Nine rumoured to create Netflix-like service

Channel Nine rumoured to create Netflix-like service
Image: espensorvik/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Image: espensorvik/Flickr (Creative Commons)

The Nine Network is said to be launching their very own Netflix-like streaming service in the latter half of next year and are in the middle of informal talks with its rivals to provide content for the upcoming site.

According to the Australian, the new service would feature content from its existing Warner Brothers output deal (with access to movies such as the Harry Potter series and the Dark Knight trilogy). However, movies will only appear on the new service nine months after its cinema release date. It is also expected to feature local Australian drama and children’s shows, and original programming after the success of House of Cards in the US on Netflix.

Nine are also holding informal talks with Seven to provide content from its own local library of content and existing output deals. If a deal has been signed, this would make the site similar to Hulu and could see Seven’s parent company owning a stake in the venture.

Users will pay a monthly subscription fee to access the site, but will not be tied to a contract.

Nine’s upcoming service – like Foxtel’s own Presto streaming service – appears to be in response to expectations that Hulu or Netflix will launch in Australia by 2016. The latter has been much speculated in the press recently, with some stories indicating a launch next year. However, Netflix might have some problems with its library, in particular with its original programming. For instance, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are on Foxtel, while Lilyhammer airs on SBS One.

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