Channel 7 signs exclusive deal with Digital Product Placement company

Channel 7 signs exclusive deal with Digital Product Placement company

According to TV Tonight, Network Seven has signed an exclusive deal with MirriAd, a UK company that digitally inserts product placements into TV shows.

The difference between traditional product placement and digital product placement is the embedded advertisements are added after filming, during the post-production stage. This could open up plenty of opportunities to add relevant advertisements to a show closer to the air-date. You can see a demo-reel of MirriAd in action after the break.

The technology is expected to be used in popular Seven programs, such as Packed to the Rafters and Home and Away, meaning advertisers might be able to see exactly where the product will feature.Seven is going to setup a MirriAd Hub in Sydney, to allow the product placements to be added locally.

Seven Media Group Chief Sales and Digital Officer James Warburton said that, “Seven is recognised for its innovation in developing compelling marketing solutions for its clients. Our cross-platform and integration business, SMG Red, continues to be a powerhouse and our agreement with MirriAd allows to build on that success. We’re pleased to be working with MirriAd.”

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