Censorship coming to Australian App Stores

Censorship coming to Australian App Stores

Remember last year when we reported that the OFLC was looking into forcing games on App Store’s to get classifications? Well today Ben Grubb from The Sydney Morning Herald interviewed Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor about the matter.

The interview has revealed that, while the government’s plan is not as bad as we originally thought, it still sounds a bit worrying.

Mobile applications will instead be “treated similarly to other online content, rather than stand alone computer games.” This means that the government will only require a classification if members of the public make a complaint directly against a game/app.

The game/app will then require an OFLC Classification, and it is worse than MA15+ it will be, for now, refused classification.

If the companies running App Stores, such as Apple or Google, don’t display the classifications they will be prosecuted.

The reason why the OFLC isn’t going to require classifications for every single app is simple.

“…you would need an army, literally an army of classifiers to get through the applications because the growth has been exponential and for that reason we’re going … to a complaint-based approach.”

Should we be worried?

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