Cartel Tycoon: Live the Drug Kingpin Life

Cartel Tycoon: Live the Drug Kingpin Life

We’ve finally got it! tinyBuild in collaboration with the RTS veterans Moon Moose are bringing us the one and only, Cartel Tycoon , the drug empire business simulator, onto PC in Q4 2020. Check out the trailer above.

Unlike horror games, this game gives you the opportunity to become a drug tycoon in a story-driven strategy game inspired by the ‘80s narco trade. As a succession of fictional drug lords, run all aspects of the empire. Smuggle product over the border, launder dirty money, and earn the loyalty of the common people while fending off rival cartels and evading the eye of the law.

So what is Cartel Tycoon?

Cartel Tycoon isn’t just another Breaking Bad game, it’s much more.

Cartel Tycoon simulates every facet of the drug baron experience. Manage a huge logistical system in pursuit of profit. Establish farms, maintain housing, and build production lines and workshops. Optimize the trade of cannabis and cocaine, then research new drugs and ways to hide and transport them.

The thing about war? It’s bad for business. As profits climb, a vicious cycle of violence begins, ultimately spelling the kingpin’s doom. But failure is part of the experience—take over the empire as one of your lieutenants to continue the succession, pick up the pieces, and start rebuilding. Survive as long as possible, facing roguelike challenges and conditions with each new leader.

Our story about drug cartels focuses on the consequences of such an endeavor, Cartel Tycoon invites players to test themselves against incredible depth and intense, persistent trials, but ultimately, even the hardest dealers succumb to the perils of the trade

Margarita Shapovalova
Game Designer

You can already play the demo

Before you start asking “How can I play Cartel Tycoon” or “When can I play Cartel Tycoon”, well, we’ve been fortunate enough to be given access to a free demo, which is available in English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian, so a lot of us will have the opportunity to start our own virtual kingpin lifestyle.

The Cartel Tycoon release date is set for somewhere in Q4 2020 on Steam for PC.

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