Canonical set to reveal an ‘Ubuntu Concept Design’ at CES keynote

Canonical set to reveal an ‘Ubuntu Concept Design’ at CES keynote

In an official blog post, Canonical, the owner of Ubuntu, has hinted at some interesting surprisings in store for their CES keynote. The mini CES announcement states that their keynote will have “the latest in Desktop, Cloud and demonstrations on Ubuntu One, plus an exclusive Ubuntu concept design which will be announced during the show.”

Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait until the show before we see what it is, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they show off a TV, Tablet or Mobile device, seeing as Mark Shuttleworth has hinted at that during a post-11.10 release Q&A.

OMG! Ubuntu! is also reporting that they have been told that the design is ‘so awesome’ and that ‘it might just surprise a lot of people in the industry.‘ Here’s hoping it brings Ubuntu a step closer to being an alternative to commercial, closed source operating systems.

Either way, you can find all the news right here on for our CES 2012 coverage or on our CES Hub as it becomes available.

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