Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer


The next Call of Duty by Sledgehammer Games will be titled Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and is set to release on November 4th. Here is the reveal trailer which includes futuristic soldiers and guns, fancy technology, spiderman, hover bikes and Kevin Spacey….wait what?

Clearly set in the future, the trailer mainly showcases new gadgets and gameplay, including powersuits (think Elysium) that enhance the strength and speed of a soldier, giving them abilities like climbing walls and active camouflage. There seems to be a big focus on air and land vehicles, as well as the gadgets, but other than that its a standard action-packed CoD trailer.

I’m interested in how this series will turn out, the only downside to this is if they start adding mechs and parkour….. What do you think about the reveal trailer? Impressive or same old same old?

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