Bungie's Farewell to Halo

Bungie's Farewell to Halo

Bungie, the developers of the Halo series have passed on the Halo franchise to 343inudstries, and are working on a new MMORPG title. Before they say goodbye to the Halo franchise, from the 23rd of June up until Bungie day (7th of July), the Bungie team will not only be celebrating their 20th anniversary of the studio, but also 10 years of Halo.

“This is the year that we say goodbye to Halo, but though the thought of our absence from this universe may bring a salty tear to your twinkling eye there is much to celebrate.”

Bungie have announced 7 reasons to why you should join the celebration, which include the release of their new iPhone App “Bungie Mobile”, which will keep you updated on Bungie’s latest projects and other fun information.
Also, through the iPhone app, Bungie have announced that because this is their last year, the Armor effect “Eternal”, the blue flames that were exclusive to Bungie workers, are now available for every Halo Fan. As well as the Bungie Nameplate and the Allstars (VIP) Nameplate.

For the Bungie Mobile FAQ, and more information on the Eternal Armor Effect, Click Here, and for the Bungie Update on “7 Reasons to Celebrate” Click Here.

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