Apple TV adds 1080p, new UI for "easier access" to content

Apple TV adds 1080p, new UI for "easier access" to content

The Apple TV is getting a bit of an upgrade with support for full 1080p High Definition support and a brand new user interface that makes it easier – apparently, according to Apple – to access purchased content and stuff from iCloud and iTunes Match from the small device.

The push for 1080p will mean that all iTunes movies and TV shows, Netflix streaming (only in the US) and Vimeo content can be viewed in this resolution. So, if you have a sufficient-enough internet connection, then feel free.

The new Apple TV with 1080p will be sold at the same price as before on March 16. Those already owning the 720p version – the one on sale as of now – will be able to upgrade to the new user interface for free today. If you have a much older version, then you are out of luck and it should be time to upgrade.

Original Post – by Chris Southcott

A new Apple TV with 1080p, a new UI and iOS-style looks? Very shiny. More details as they come.

Read the liveblog and we’ll update this post later!

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