Both Koreas are developing EMP bombs that can kill everything tech

Both Koreas are developing EMP bombs that can kill everything tech

Guess what, the Koreas are developing bombs. However, these bombs are not deadly and are not conventional. In fact, these bombs only target one thing – technology. These are called electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bombs, and can kill every single piece of technology within a certain range.

While you are not afraid now, you should be. Because this is beyond cyber warfare, where attacks are carried out via the internet. This obliterates a state’s capacity to use technology in general through a significant amount of volts, meaning that they no longer can communicate to its allies or even see or attack against the enemy since almost all intelligence is technologically-based.

According to Far East Gizmos, South Korea has already got the technology made and could be ready to weaponise it. Park Chang-kyu from the South Korean Agency for Defence Development says that it could be ready for warfare if the military requests it.

The country previously admitted that it was developing such a bomb in 2009, but said that it wouldn’t be ready until 2014, hoping to develop one that has a range of “1 kilometer”. Now, it appears that they are well in advance of achieving that goal.

In addition, according to a defence report given to the National Assembly in South Korea has said that North Korea could also be developing EMP bombs – and given both North and South Korea are technically still at war and tensions are flaring up, and that South Korea is heavily reliant on technology, it would cripple them if the North ever invades with this technology.

This comes after North Korea was reported to have acquired GPS-jamming devices within a 50-100 kilometre radius, among other jamming devices from the former Soviet Union.

You might as well start building your Doomsday bunker.

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