Blue Mic announces new USB, iPhone microphones

Blue Mic announces new USB, iPhone microphones

Blue Spark Digital Microphone (Image Supplied)

Blue Microphones – the makers of the Yeti microphone – has announced (quietly on their blog) three new microphones at this year’s CES. All three are designed for those needing to record on the go – with two microphones suitable for your iOS device.

The standout is its Spark Digital mic. The microphone has been designed to work for desktops and the iPad, with plugs for USB and the standard Apple connector. It will even work with any recording application, like GarageBand, on the iPad. It also features an LED meter to give you an indication of the volume.

Blue MIKEY Digital Microphone (Image Supplied)

Following from that is its updated version of the MIKEY microphone attachment for the iPod and iPhone. However, because of a switch in the Apple standard connector, it only worked up to the iPhone 3GS or earlier, and the iPod touch 3G or earlier. Now, it has brought out an updated version that will work for the 4th generation iPod touch, iPhone 4/4S and the iPad. And like the previous MIKEY, simply plug it in and record. It also includes input jacks for microphones and guitars, in addition to a line-out jack.

Blue Tiki Microphone (Image Supplied)

Finally, Blue has also unveiled the Tiki. It is a small USB microphone that you simply plug into your laptop for a quick recording. It features voice isolation and noise cancelling technology in order to let your voice be heard, and will eliminate typing and computer fan noises. In addition, it has optimised recording settings for podcast and music recordings.

No word on pricing and availability as of yet.

Source: Blue Mic

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