BlackBerry reveals low-end BlackBerry Q5 smartphone

BlackBerry reveals low-end BlackBerry Q5 smartphone


BlackBerry Live is happening now, and the smartphone maker has now revealed their plans to target the developing market. Called the BlackBerry Q5, it features the traditional BlackBerry keyboard and designed to be “confident, fun and bold” for the young (their words, not mine).

The Q5’s keyboard has been re-engineered so you can type faster and more accurately, and with the update to BlackBerry 10, you can now have keyboard shortcuts. Like the Q10, it has a 3.1-inch touchscreen.

While the hardware is different, software is pretty much the same. You still get BlackBerry Messenger with Video, BlackBerry Hub, the camera additions like Time Shift and Story Maker, and access to the over 100,000 apps on the BlackBerry World store (including the ported Android apps – because nothing says confidence in your OS like porting apps from a different platform).

The Q5 will hit selected markets across the world (except for North America) beginning in July.


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