Bioshock Infinite DLC announced

Bioshock Infinite DLC announced


Great news for Bioshock fans, as the team at Irrational Games announce two DLC for Bioshock Infinite.  The first DLC is actually available right now, called Clash in the Clouds, a firefight battle arena-style game modeled after the game’s 1999 mode, where you mow down waves of difficult enemies. The second DLC is yet to have a release date, but is the first of the two-part story DLC called Burial at Sea, which puts the lead characters of Infinite into the iconic city of Rapture from the first BioShock.

Clash in the Clouds

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For anyone who doesn’t own the Season Pass, Clash in the Clouds is available today on Steam, PSN and Xbox 360 and costs $5. It includes four challenge maps The Ops Zeal, Duke & Dimwit Theater, Raven’s Dome and Emporia Arcade, where players have to fight through 15 waves of enemies. Each wave will include a Blue Ribbon Challenge with a unique, difficult objective, and leaderboards will track your scores on each map and allow you to compare with friends.

Clash in the Clouds also includes the Columbia Archaelogical Society, an in-game museum players can explore to view character models, concept art, behind-the-scenes videos and more.

Burial At Sea

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Players will take control of Booker DeWitt in the first part and Elizabeth in the second part of this two-part DLC, and explore Rapture not after its fall, but in its prime when it was still Andrew Ryan’s utopia showcasing the best of what man can achieve. Ken Levine promises this DLC will be “a little more narrative oriented, obviously. A love letter to the fans.”

“We decided we wanted to shift things around a little bit for the third one, so the player character in the third DLC, you get to play Elizabeth and the gameplay is quite different as her. She’s not the tank that Booker is. And you’ll see how all the stories come together.”

Levine also  announced some changes to the gameplay, and some additional features in the upcoming DLC.

“We did, however, re-tune the feel of the experience. The system guys have been very hard at work. We wanted the combat, because of the nature of Rapture, to be more player-initiated than it was in Infinite. You know how BioShock game systems are about hearing the enemies at a distance and being able to plan your attack? We wanted more of that. That sort of slipped away from us a little bit in Infinite. Therefore the traps get much more meaningful, I think. We have that system. We did some tweaks to the various Vigors. There’s a new Vigor. There’s a new weapon. And a new plasmid – they’re called Plasmids in this.”

Clash in the Clouds is available right now for $5/400MSP, the Story DLC has not been given a release date, but will cost $10/800MSP. Otherwise, the easiest way to get all Bioshock Infinite DLC is to purchase the Season Pass for $20/1600MSP

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