BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone now out in Australia

BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone now out in Australia

The makers of the Jambox – Jawbone – have today released the bigger version called theBIG JAMBOX (we’re not kidding) in Australia. It, like its smaller cousin, is a portable Bluetooth speaker that can playback music from any smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device.

The speakers feature digital signal processing and dynamic equalisation to allow audio to sound perfect in both out and indoor conditions, and has controls on the top of the player to control your connected device. It can act as a speakerphone as well, with a 360-degree omnidirectional microphone, improved echo cancellation and duplex communication.

Battery life is said to be up to 15 hours on continuous playback.

The device is out now at major electronic retailers for a retail price of $359 and is available in Red Dot, White Wave and Graphite Hex.

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