BIG BULLY: Apple also suing Motorola over XOOM design infringment

BIG BULLY: Apple also suing Motorola over XOOM design infringment

Turns out, Samsung isn’t the only company that is getting screwed by Apple. Motorola is too, with a recent court filing in a German court revealing that Apple is using the same argument it is using against Samsung – it looks the same as the iPad.

Yes, really. They are still using that bulls**t claim.

According to FOSS Patents, the Cupertino-based company is saying that the Motorola XOOM – which is on sale in Australia via Telstra – is infringing on the iPad design. In addition, they are also sued another German company, JAY-tech, that effectively banned its tablet on sale.

However, Motorola can breathe a sigh of relief as Apple hasn’t banned sales of the Motorola XOOM – in which Apple has done with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It has managed to get Samsung to pull it from sale before launch in Australia, and a EU-wide injunction issued by a court. Yes, a German court managed to enact a EU-wide ban over the tablet.

Remember, these are the guys that say “Think Different”. Now, it’s more “Think like Microsoft”. It’s ironic, as Microsoft is slowly becoming the reverse.

It should be noted that both Motorola and Apple are engaged in a patent lawsuit, similar to what Apple has done with Samsung and HTC. It’s very suspicious that Apple has decided to target the biggest backers of the Android platform. However, it does highlight one thing – Apple is very, very afraid of the rise of Android.

And so they should be, because this is getting even more ridiculous. This could also be a big PR disaster for Apple because the company can be seen, and no doubt is, being a big bully in these matters.

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