Is it better to get the iPhone 5c/5s from Vodafone, or get it outright? (Answer: Vodafone)

Is it better to get the iPhone 5c/5s from Vodafone, or get it outright? (Answer: Vodafone)

Yesterday, we brought you an iPhone 5c/5s price comparison between getting a phone from Telstra directly, or buying the iPhone outright and connecting to Telstra. Today, we’re doing the same thing with Vodafone’s plans – and by doing some quick calculations, it seems that you’re better off just getting the phone from them than just buying the phone outright.

Vodafone appears to be heavily subsidising the iPhone 5c and 5s when compared to Telstra – for instance, you’re paying $509 less if you bought an iPhone 5c 32GB model on its Vodafone Red $80 plan instead of buying the same device outright and connecting it on its Vodafone Red $65 BYO phone plan. The Telstra equivalent price-wise has a saving of $197 when compared from its 24-month plan to its BYO phone option.

Of course, the main hesitation with Vodafone is network coverage. However, Vodafone says it is getting better and is heavily investing in its network. It’s 4G network, despite having some teething problems, has pretty decent speeds. To quote Luke Hopewell from Gizmodo Australia, “That’s right: Vodafone is now worth considering as a 24-month purchase.”

You can look at the full price comparison below. Alternatively, if you want a better viewing experience or can’t see the table below, you can click this link to see the full Google Spreadsheet.

Note: Difference was calculated by subtracting Carrier Subsidised Total from BYO Total (i.e. Difference = BYO Total – Carrier Subsidised Total). If the value is positive, then the Carrier Subsidised Plan is cheapest. If it is negative, then getting it outright is cheaper.

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