Belkin unveil three new iPad cases to extend their current lineup

Belkin unveil three new iPad cases to extend their current lineup

F7N045_frontBelkin unveiled their new Ultimate, FastFit and Convertible (pictured right) iPad cases today to add to their current range of iPad cases and keyboards. The Ultimate Keyboard Case features a sleek aluminum alloy base, TruType keys and intuitive battery control. The FastFit and convertible cases are both simple and cost effective case made to protect your iPad while being transported or while in your bag.

The Ultimate Keyboard is by-far, Belkin’s best iPad keyboard available. Featuring Belkin’s TruType keys, the Ultimate Keyboard offers a laptop-like typing experience to minimize errors and maximise typing speed. With a 160 hours of battery life (and 6 months standby life), the Ultimate Keyboard boasts a slim profile minimizing bulk and weight. When not in use, the keyboard automatically shuts itself off and enables the on screen keyboard to save battery life. Additionally, the keyboard can lie flat to hide the keyboard while watching movies or video.

The FastFit case is a compact iPad case with a built in Bluetooth keyboard. Featuring 60 hours of battery life and 2,000 hours of standby life, the FastFit case features Belkin’s TruType keys which are well-spaced, laptop-like keys allowing comfortable typing. It has two viewing angles so you can choose which suits you best and both are available in portrait and landscape orientations. Charging the case is through an included Micro-USB cable and the case is compatible with iPad 2, 3 and 4.

The Convertible Case for Apple Keyboard is the only keyboard available on the market to hold both your iPad and an Apple Bluetooth keyboard. It folds into a stand that allows for ergonomic typing and has strong adhesive pads that keep the keyboard and iPad in place. It’s available in black, gray and red and you can use it with any iPad.

The Ultimate Keyboard will be available in April 2013 while the FastFit and Convertible cases will be available later this month in the US. No international availability has been announced as yet.

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