Belkin expands WeMo with new Light Switch, Android support

Belkin expands WeMo with new Light Switch, Android support


Belkin has used CES to announce some new developments with its WeMo product line – which lets you control your home all through a mobile device like, for instance, turning off or on all the lights. The company will introduce a new Light Switch, and has announced it will be compatible with Android (previously, it has only been compatible with iOS).

The WeMo Light Switch joins the WeMo Switch (a wall plug) and WeMo Motion (a sensor that will activate when it senses someone entering). And as you can tell, this replaces your traditional Light Switch and uses the existing electrical wiring. After installing it, you can turn on and turn off from anywhere, among other things.

You will, of course, need to have a Wi-Fi router so you can be able to turn on or off from anywhere. And again, currently the product supports iOS only.

Belkin, however, have said that they will be trying this year to provide support for Android. In February, it will start an open beta for the Galaxy S III and other smartphone devices, before an official launch sometime in Q2/Q3.

The WeMo Light Switch will around the same time as Belkin launches its Android app (if not, then it will include it after launch). No pricing has been attached. No international availability information has been included.

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