Behringer brings out OMNI, wireless audio system with AirPlay support

Behringer brings out OMNI, wireless audio system with AirPlay support

OMNI SP5i_Black Vinyl_Right Perspective

Behringer has created its own wireless audio system called OMNI, that will let you create your own music experience through Apple’s AirPlay – allowing you to use any iOS device or iTunes to stream music across your network. The best thing – you don’t have to replace your entire audio setup. OMNI will let you ‘convert’ your existing loudspeakers or powered speakers to support OMNI.

OMNI SP3i Black Piano_Left Perspective

The OMNI System has two loud speakers – the SP3i and the SP5i. Both are 2.1 channel loudspeakers, but the SP3i has a 4-inch integral subwoofer and the SP5i has a 6-inch integral subwoofer. Behringer also offers their own subwoofer with AirPlay support called the OMNI SUB.

Omni Amp_Front Perspective

But the most interesting thing is that you can connect your old speakers to the OMNI system at ease. You don’t have to go out and buy these new speakers if you just want to have AirPlay support. Instead, you can buy the OMNI Amp or the OMNI Link. The Amp is a 2 x 40-watt Class D amplifier that can be used with conventional loudspeakers; while the Link is designed to be integrated with any powered speaker or music system.

OMNI Link_Front Perspective

Both the Amp and Link have headphone output and dual aerials for better wireless reception. Both are also small, so you can easily integrate the OMNI system and hide it from plain sight.

Pricing for the OMNI System has not been revealed, nor availability.

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