BBC to restructure online offerings, axe 360 jobs and 200 sites

BBC to restructure online offerings, axe 360 jobs and 200 sites

The BBC, one of the most recognisable names online, has announced that it will restructure how it offers content online.

Its budget being cut by 25 percent, 200 sites being shut down and at least 360 jobs being cut from the public broadcaster over two years.

The broadcaster will instead focus in ten specific areas: News, Sport, Weather, TV and iPlayer, Radio and Music, Search, Homepage, Knowledge and Learning, and CBeebies and CBBC – the latter two are its children offerings. Each will share a unified design and all sites will have improved navigation to content.

The BBC, however, will close 400 top level domains connecting to the name, with 180 closing later this year – and most likely be archival content and programme websites (that could potentially mean the closure of the Doctor Who site, but that remains to be seen), and axing original content on its digital radio stations – 1Xtra, 5 live sports extra, 6 Music and Radio 7 – to automated content.

In addition, its local sites for the UK will be news-orientated, while it will reduce the number of blogs from its journalists. Live sporting coverage and sports news will also be reduced by the BBC, and its 606 community site will be axed as part of its overall reduction of community-orientated and message-board sites. This plan will also see the disposal of h2g2 – an encyclopaedia before Wikipedia became cool – to a brand new owner.

There is no word on how it will affect international visitors, such as the World Service or BBC World News.

Image: Elliott Brown/Flickr (CC)

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