BBC iPlayer International to launch this year, less than $10 per month

BBC iPlayer International to launch this year, less than $10 per month

Mark Thompson, the BBC’s Director General, has revealed more details of the international version of the BBC iPlayer – the corporation’s streaming video on demand service – at this year’s FT Digital Media & Broadcasting Conference in London.

Thompson has confirmed that it will be launching “this year” with a subscription of less than $10 per month to view – which is stunningly low for the typical quality of a majority of the corporation’s programming.

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However, its catalogue is unknown at this stage – will it offer a way to watch shows on demand after their UK premiere, or will it be a-la PLUS7, where it has archived programming. If it is the latter, hopefully it is more than two seasons of Doctor Who and not all of the BBC’s drama catalogue.

It is also unknown what platform will it be on, with speculations of it being an iPad-only service (though highly unlikely with the new Apple subscription requirements). Hopefully, it will be on a browser and as mobile applications.

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