BARGAIN HUNTER: Xbox 360 Slim 4GB - $168

BARGAIN HUNTER: Xbox 360 Slim 4GB - $168

Looking for something for Christmas in which the family can enjoy; or a replacement for a recently broken down Xbox? Well look no further, we’ve found a great deal for you – and just in time before Christmas.

Harvey Norman they are offering a 4GB Xbox 360 for only $168. Normally the Xbox 360 Slim 4GB currently retails at $250. Therefore it is a saving of $82 or roughly 33%. The discounted Xbox 360 currently has no expiration date, so it is great last minute gift for the family.

For all you doubters who are thinking why would I need an Xbox? My response to that is that think as it as an investment. Currently the Xbox 360 offers a variety of uses, such as active motion gaming via the Xbox Kinect, and TV streaming via the new SBS on Demand application. And to those who are thinking that a 4GB hard drive is minuscule for all the current games that are available, the Xbox 360 can use either an external USB flash drive or an 250GB hard drive retailing at $150 AUD.

So whether if you are planning to united the family over a fun, entertain games, or watching a movie bunched together, or just upgrading to a current model; this deal is great one not to miss.

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