BARGAIN HUNTER: Microsoft Surface RT 32GB

BARGAIN HUNTER: Microsoft Surface RT 32GB


Bargain Hunter 2013

If you’re after a tablet and don’t want to spend up big, the Surface RT has had it’s price slashed – mainly because the brand new Surface 2 is available in Australia. If you’re a little hesitant with purchasing one, it’s still a great tablet for general web browsing,  media consumption and general app use. We reviewed the Surface RT at the start of this year and despite it’s downfalls, this price is too good to miss!

We’ve found some great deals from a few places if you want to pick-up the Surface RT. Currently, you’ll be able to pick it up from JB HiFi for $223 AUD. Of course, this is just the tablet and you’ll need to slap on a further $120 AUD for a touch or type cover. If you’re more of a Harvey Norman fan, you’ll be able to pick up the same tablet for $229 AUD – plus $120 AUD for a touch or type cover. I still believe the Surface RT is a useful tablet. I’ve got one and with the recent Windows 8.1 upgrade, the speed and stability of the tablet have increased.

Will you be purchasing a Surface RT or going towards the Surface 2? Let us know in the comments.

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