BARGAIN HUNTER: Batman Arkham City for $80

BARGAIN HUNTER: Batman Arkham City for $80

Batman: Arkham City is getting some positive buzz around the gaming world. But how about getting it cheaper than the asking pricetag of $100 for the game. Well, we’ve found a couple of places that are selling the latest Batman game for around $80.

Online retailer is selling the game for only $79.95 (plus postage and handling of $4.95). However, if you want to go cheaper than that, Big W is the place to find it. They are selling the game for only $78.00, plus postage and handling depending on your location.

If you have a PS3, here are the equivalent links for and Big W. PC users, bad luck unfortunately. Big W apparently does not sell the PC version on its online store, while has sold out their stock (according to its website)

Don’t forget, if you find it cheaper elsewhere, do drop a comment. In addition, if you see a bargain, do tweet us or send a Facebook message to us.

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