BARGAIN HUNTER: Apple's Black Friday best accessory deals

BARGAIN HUNTER: Apple's Black Friday best accessory deals

Apple’s Black Friday deals are here, and the discounts on Apple products are pretty small. However, while you may be disappointed at the fact that the iPad got a measly price cut, Apple does also sell accessories and the discounts are huge for them (I wonder why?). So, we’ve collated the best discounts for the accessories we’ve found, and you should get them NOW before the day ends.

First is the Bowsers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air iPod speaker dock. The company is known for making high-quality speakers, and the speaker also supports AirPlay – where you can stream music wirelessly from your iOS device to the speakers. Originally $799.95, it is now being sold by Apple for the day at $598.00. Still expensive, but the next time Apple will cut this price will be next year, so this is your only opportunity.

The second is the Parrot AR.Drone, a quadricopter that is controlled by your iOS device. I love this device and we did a review of this last year. If you have a kid, this is pretty much the best toy to get. Each game you can play is an app – one such app is AR.Flyingace, where you can have two AR.Drones fighting each other. Originally $349.95, it is now $299.00.

Another pick is the JAMBOX by Jawbone. A wireless speaker, you can wirelessly stream music, movies and phone calls to the speaker via Bluetooth. It has ten hours of continuous use battery life. Stewart did the review of this product last year, and to quote from the review: “A great sounding speaker which continues to impress us every song. It has an extremely high quality build, great sounding speakers and portable design.” It is priced for today $178, down from $249.95.

Like I said, these deals end at midnight TONIGHT. So, this is maybe the time to get them now.

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