Avenue - a minimalist Twitter app - coming soon for iOS

Avenue - a minimalist Twitter app - coming soon for iOS

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This is Avenue, and it is coming soon to iOS. But what is it? As you can tell from the picture, it is another Twitter iOS client – except it adopts a more minimalist approach, as opposed to other Twitter clients. And based on the images tweeted out by the development team – it looks pretty darn good.

All we know is that there is going to be gestures – including a special one just to send out a tweet (as you can tell, there is no Tweet button); a Photos feed, which will display only tweets with photos included; and multiple Twitter accounts “from day one”.

The development team have also said that there are plans to support App.net in the future, but there are no plans to put this on other platforms like Android.

A limited beta has been confirmed – and if you want to find out more about when that is happening, you should follow their Twitter account @avenueapp.

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