Australia Post launches Digital Mailbox

Australia Post launches Digital Mailbox

Finally, we’ve reached some modernity in mail! Australia Post has today launched its long-awaited Digital Mailbox that will let you receive your bills and financial statements all electronically, through the browser, tablet or mobile device – and instantaneously, as opposed to waiting for the mailman to come to your house every day.

The service is part of a $2 billion investment in digitising, modernising and expanding its communications and delivery network; and will let you also store important documents and connect securely with banks and utilities to pay bills.

“This is a truly historic development for Australia Post,” Senator Stephen Conroy said in a press release from his department. ““For the Government, it means we can continue to put Australians at the heart of our service delivery, making it easier and more convenient for people to access the government services they need.”

According to the press release, it will have “bank level security” and is hosted on a cloud server located in Australia. As well, only ‘certified’ providers will be able to connect to the service and send you mail – including the Department of Human Services and Australian Tax Office. Both government departments are trialling the system to see how it can be used to communicate with Government services.

Other providers – ANZ, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Link Market Services, National Australia Bank and Yarra Valley Water – have also been announced, joining Telstra, AMP and Westpac who were previously announced as providers to the service.

Australia Post’s Digital Mailbox is free and you can sign up today here.

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