Audio-Technica brings out prosumer microphones for podcasters

Audio-Technica brings out prosumer microphones for podcasters

While the Blue Yeti remains to be one of the best microphones for podcasters, Audio-Technica is trying to get its foothold by releasing two new USB microphones at CES, both designed for music recording at home and podcasting – the ATR2100-USB handheld microphone and the ATR2500-USB and side-address microphone.

Both have been designed for those who are beginners in microphones, but want to record in excellent audio quality – and by using USB than the traditional XLR, it means that there is no additional hardware or interfaces needed.

The ATR2100-USB will have both USB and XLR connections, so it can be hooked to a computer or an audio mixer, and has a on/off switch that will work for both USB and traditional analogue operations. It also comes with USB-to-XLR cables, a tripod stand and a mic clamp.

The ATR2500-USB has a cylindrical shape and has been designed to stand on a desk or table, and is perfect for podcasting. It also has a volume control at the front, and a response pattern that reduces outside sounds from the sides and rear. It also comes with a compact tripod mic stand.

The microphones are pretty affordable for the average user, with both are under $100. The ATR2100-USB will be at $79.95, while the ATR2500-USB will be at $99.95. They will be out in March.

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