Audio-Technica add new headphones, "redefining value" with cheap earphones

Audio-Technica add new headphones, "redefining value" with cheap earphones


Headphone makers Audio-Technica have revealed their lineup of new headphones for 2013, with four targeting audiophiles, another two as part of its QuietPoint noise-cancelling headphones, and two in-ear headphones that aim to redefine value by producing high-quality sound at a cheap price.

The in-ear headphones are the Core Bass ATH-COR150 and the Clear ATH-CLR100. The Core Bass and Clear headphones come with a collapsible cord wrap that protects the headphones and provides you a nice carrying case. They will also come in a wide range of colours – black, white, orange, red, blue, pink, purple and live green.

So, what’s the difference? The Core Bass is said to deliver “immersive sound with full, textured bass”, and comes with snap-on oval ear hangers to ensure they stay on your ear. The Clear, on the other hand, delivers natural sound and better sound quality than the typical in-ear headphones. The Clear is priced at US$14.95, while the Core Bass is at US$19.95; and should be out in February.

Then we come to their QuietPoint noise cancelling headphones. The two announced were the ATH-ANC29 over-ear headphones and the ATH-ANC33iS in-ear headphones for smartphones. The ANC29 feature a 1.2m detachable cord, redesigned earcups and a restyled headband that provide extra comfort. They also provide up to 87% noise cancellation, and claim to deliver exceptional sound with powerful bass and detailed treble. They are priced at US$99.95; and come out in April.

The ANC33iS offers 90% noise cancellation, and has a volume control with an inline mic so that you can answer calls and control music without picking up your smartphone from your pocket. They support the iOS models, but the calling features will support any smartphone. Audio-Technica notes that they provide superior audio with better bass response. They are priced at US$79.95; and also come out in April.

Finally, the more expensive audiophile headphones – there are four announced for this year from Audio-Technica. The ATH-AD900X, ATH-AD700X and the ATH-AD500X are their open-air dynamic headphones. They all feature large 53mm drivers designed exclusively for these models, with high-power magnets and their copper-clad aluminimum wiring to provide superior audio reproduction. The only major difference between these three is the maximum input power – the 900X is 1000mW, the 700X is 700mW and the 500X is 500mW. All three are expected to be out in April, with a retail price of US$299 (900X), US$199.95 (700X) and $169.95 (500X).

Then we have the ATH-A500X, which is their closed-back headphones; and are designed to deliver high quality sound similar to their audiophile headphones range, using its Double Air Damping System technology. It comes out in Spring for US$169.95.

Gallery of the headphones can be found below, in addition with the press releases.


Audio-Technica Expands Its QuietPoint® Noise-Cancelling Headphones Lineup With Debut of ATH-ANC29 Over-Ear and ATH-ANC33iS In-Ear/Communications Models

STOW, OH, January 8, 2013 — (Virtual Press Office) —  At CES 2013 Audio-Technica is expanding its QuietPoint active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones lineup with the introduction of its ATH-ANC29 over-ear and ATH-ANC33iS in-ear headphones with communications capabilities. Both models join the company’s current ANC offerings including the top-of-the-line ATH-ANC9, which has won a CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award (see separate press release).

The ATH-ANC29 (SRP: US$99.95) is a stylish new addition to the QuietPoint family. It features redesigned earcups and a bold Audio-Technica logo for a sleek, contemporary look, and a restyled headband with extra padding for a snug yet totally comfortable fit.

The ATH-ANC29 provides up to 87% noise-cancellation and offers an outstanding combination of performance, value, comfort and portability. It delivers exceptional sound with powerful bass, a natural midrange, detailed treble and precise imaging in an immersive soundfield. The ATH-ANC29 has a detachable cord, enabling its use as cordless noise-cancelling headphones, and like all QuietPoint models, its audio functions even if the batteries run down.

In addition to its detachable 3.9′ (1.2 m) cord, the ATH-ANC29 comes with a soft case, 1/4-inch plug adapter, airline adapter and AAA battery.

The in-ear ATH-ANC33iS (SRP: US$79.95) offers up to 90% noise-cancellation and features volume control with an inline mic/control for answering calls and controlling music. The ATH-ANC33iS supports smartphones and iPhone™, iPad® and many iPod® models. The controller enables the user to play or pause music, answer and end calls, and go to the next or previous track.

The ATH-ANC33iS comes with Comply Foam™ Tips for unmatched comfort. The Comply ear tips are made out of special memory foam that expands to fit comfortably in the ear canal, for a more sound isolating fit and superior sound quality with better bass response, a detailed midrange and extended treble. The headphones also come with standard silicone eartips in

S, M and L, a soft carrying case, an airline adapter and an AAA battery.

The ATH-ANC29 and ATH-ANC33iS will be available in April 2013. Both models join Audio-Technica’s acclaimed QuietPoint active noise-cancelling headphones lineup, led by the over-ear ATH-ANC9 (SRP: US$349.95), winner of an Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award. The ATH-ANC9 features three Tri Level Cancellation™ ANC modes, an inline mic and controller and 95% noise-cancellation.

Audio-Technica Sets a New Value Standard with Introduction of Core Bass and Clear In-Ear Headphones at CES 2013

STOW, OH, January 8, 2013 — (Virtual Press Office) —  At CES 2013 Audio-Technica isredefining value in portable headphones with the introduction of its Core Bass ATH-COR150 and Clear ATH-CLR100     in-ear headphones. Both models bring superior sound quality to extremely attractive price points with Core Bass at US$19.95 and Clear at US$14.95 SRP.

“We’ve always given customers great value in every headphones category we offer, from portable and noise-cancelling to high-end audiophile models,” said Crystal Griffith, Audio-Technica Consumer Marketing Manager. “With the introduction of our Clear and Core Bass headphones, we now offer true high-quality sound at prices, styles and vibrant colors that are especially appealing to younger listeners – and that everyone can enjoy.”

Both the Core Bass and Clear headphones come with a unique collapsible cord wrap that encloses the headphones for protection and carrying convenience, when not in use. Both models are available in a variety of striking colors, including lime green, blue, red, pink, purple, black, white and orange.

The Core Bass in-ear headphones deliver immersive sound with full, textured bass and excellent detail resolution. Equipped with a housing that rotates for around-the-ear cord placement, the Core Bass headphones come with two snap-on, snap-off oval ear hangers for comfort-fit options, and S, M and L-sized soft silicone eartips to ensure a comfortable fit for any wearer.

The Clear in-ear headphones offer remarkable value at under $15. These headphones deliver natural, detailed sound and are an excellent upgrade from the typical ear-bud headphones that are supplied with portable devices. Clear headphones are supplied with S, M and L-sized soft silicone eartips for total comfort.

The Core Bass ATH-COR150 and Clear ATH-CLR100 headphones will be available in February 2013 at, retailers and online sellers. Both carry a two-year Audio-Technica manufacturer’s warranty.


Audio-Technica Introduces Four New Audiophile Headphones at CES 2013

STOW, OH, January 8, 2013 — (Virtual Press Office) — Audio-Technica today announced the introduction of four audiophile headphones, designed to deliver extraordinary sound quality to satisfy the most discriminating listeners. The new ATH-AD900x, ATH-AD700x and ATH-AD500x are ideal for music lovers who enjoy the spacious quality of open-back headphones and combine involving sound with long-wearing comfort. The ATH-A500x offers superb sound and a comfortable fit for music lovers who prefer the sound isolation and performance of a closed-back design.

The ATH-AD900x, ATH-AD700x and ATH-AD500x all feature large 53 mm drivers that have been exclusively designed for the headphones, with high-power magnets and Audio-Technica’s copper-clad aluminum-wire (CCAW) voice coil technology for superior audio reproduction and a wide frequency response from 5 Hz up to 35,000 Hz. All the headphones employ premium quality components with progressively finer levels of refinement; all offer an immersive listening experience with clear, natural vocal and instrumental reproduction, a smooth tonal balance, precise imaging and superlative dynamic range.

The headphones offer a uniquely comfortable fit thanks to their generously cushioned ear pads, lightweight honeycomb aluminum casing and exclusive 3D Wing Support Housing, which adjusts itself perfectly to each wearer.

All models come with a 10-foot (3.0 m) Hi-OFC oxygen-free copper cord with a 1/8-inch (3.5 mm) stereo plug and a 1/4-inch (6.3 mm) stereo adapter. They will be available in April 2013 at suggested retail prices of US$299.95, $199.95 and $169.95 respectively.

The new ATH-A500x closed-back headphones are designed to deliver audiophile-quality sound along with powerful, articulate bass, thanks to Audio-Technica’s exclusive Double Air Damping System, which employs a main air chamber that houses the driver plus an additional chamber that operates in conjunction with a specially shaped housing and port to control and focus the airflow produced by the driver and expand its bass output. The ATH-A500x’s performance and convenience features include powerful 53mm drivers, a 3D Wing Support Housing and comfortable, generously padded earpieces. It comes with a 10-foot (3 m) cord with a 1/8-inch stereo plug and a 1/4-inch (6.3 mm) stereo adapter and will be available in Spring 2013 at US$169.95 suggested retail.

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