Asus announces Qube, a Google TV box that, sadly, isn't a Nexus device

Asus announces Qube, a Google TV box that, sadly, isn't a Nexus device



Despite rumours of a Nexus Google TV device from Asus, the company has instead revealed a skinned Google TV 3.0 device, sporting a very basic design and name. It has the latest Google TV features such as YouTube updates and voice search, as well as likely Google Play media.

The Qube is controlled via an on-screen rotating cube, which is manipulated via a motion-sensitive remote control. And, of course, this customisation means it definitely isn’t a Nexus device, and instead will likely have to wait a long time for updates but still mostly use the relatively unintuitive Google TV UI.

Asus is also adding 50GB of WebStorage, not from Google though, but from themselves. PlayStation owners will know, you probably shouldn’t trust a small company like Asus with the cloud, especially storage, where an attack could mean lost photos and other data.

No price or release date details, but expect it this year and hopefully at a price competitive with Apple TV and other set-top boxes.

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