Astro Gaming branching out internationally

Astro Gaming branching out internationally


Upon hearing that Astro Gaming was one of the major sponsors for PAX Australia I had to go down to their booth and ask them a few questions about their push to move Astros into local retailers and the level of support international buyers can expect.

Speaking to David Tipton of Bluemouth Interactive I was able to find out about Astro Gaming’s support network. The key is to push retail sales of Astro products this allows any possible problems with the physical hardware to be dealt with by merely exchanging the Astros with the retailer (either JB Hi-Fi or EB Games in Australia). When its problems of the software variety Astro and Bluemouth’s websites provide explanations to help cater to any possible problems.

With the next-gen consoles coming up I asked whether or not this would be an issue with the current headsets being used. The problem is that both Sony and Microsoft have released very little for companies like Astro to develop their future headsets but something that was made very clear to me is that Astro was fully supportive to its existing customers as they head in to the next-generation of consoles, possibly implementing a sort of widget to help adapt to the changes.

The Astros will also be available in a Battlefield 4 Edition featuring a carbon fibre look along the chasis, with an orange trim and Battlefield tags on the side for the A40s. For the A50s this is the first different design edition from the matte black that was only available and will be available on October 31st.

Testing out the product I was impressed by both the build quality of the product and the overall sound performance and exclusive to PAX Australia the headsets are 15% off the original Australia retail price so you’ll be paying around the same as the US retail price minus the shipping. So if you’re heading to PAX on the final day be sure to have a poke around and pick up one of these headsets.


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