The #AskHannaForCash thing is most likely a scam

The #AskHannaForCash thing is most likely a scam

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Meet the Twitter user @princessthot. No one knows who she – or he – is, but she’s responsible for one of today’s trending topics on Twitter #AskHannaForCash. The idea is simple, all you need to do is tweet something with the hashtag, and she – or he – will give you at least $1000 from their father’s PayPal account that contains at least $23 million.

And as expected, when you promise free money on the internet, there will be a flood of people tweeting their way to get attention.

Why is @princessthot doing this? Well, according to tweets posted on the account, this is essentially revenge on their father. All we know of this father is that his name is “Jonathan Mendez” and he is the owner of a manufacturing company, is rich, and is apparently evil.

But I have to be the bearer of bad news, this is most likely a scam. The only purported proof that this account has $23 million is a photo of a PayPal account of “Jonathan Mendez” that could have been easily doctored. It’s really not that hard to change a web page – as you can look below from my PayPal account.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 2.48.59 pm

And no, I do not have $999,999,999,999.00 – I am a university student, where would I get that sort of money.

I should note that people are reporting on Twitter that they are getting paid by her – but the proof we have are pictures of their PayPal accounts showing money. We’re going to assume they didn’t actually get the money – unless they have actual proof that they did – and are part of the hoax. Like I said, it’s very easy to doctor a web page.

Just a little sidenote, but a quick little Google search reveals some awful tweets from the person behind @princessthot. The account – under a different user name – was featured on the Huffington Post. Like this one:

Goes to show you even those who claim to be Robin Hood can be horrible people as well.

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