Artificial intelligence and the growing role of Women

Artificial intelligence and the growing role of Women

Artificial intelligence is the next big step toward the digital revolution. With the introduction of 5G technology, the induction of AI into our systems has become essentially important. This cannot be done without the foundational and basic aid of Women in the field of technology. If it’s the codes for Apollo mission or development of wireless communications, women in tech, have been adding success to this cause. Let us explore the AI Avenue with women in charge.

Women in Tech

Women Contributions to Building a digital world

There are numerous accolades and contributions which were made by the women of our age. These contributions were detrimental and extremely essential in driving the current digital revolution to its developing stage. For decades, the women in tech worked hard in different fields, particularly computing, to achieve this milestone. The likes of Karen Spark Jones and Grace hopper who devised special methods in cryptography during WW2 still functions today. Also, the race for space technology was even met with great achievement, mainly due to the contributions of many women in the field of computing.

An Alarming worry

Today we stand here gazing the everlasting chasm of the digital world profoundly. An age where AI will lead us to a bright future. It is a case of worry for girls who have been dropping out of STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), further decreasing the participation of women in computing. Since the mid 90’s the trend has been the same and is still decreasing. When PCs were being made, the main purpose was to manage, produce and apply it to the market. There wasn’t a variety of options one could avail of. Today almost every appliance needs orders digitally, and AI can help us make our lives smart. This requires the adaptation of different aspects, particularly of women.

MacBook Pro

computers then vs. now

Cultural Influence

The influence of culture plays an essential role in defining women’s status in the computing field. While the UK has an alarming decreasing rate of girl’s admission in computing fields, it is the opposite case in India. While the developing world is thriving on innovation, especially in paving the way for more women to step into STEM fields.

According to research, you will find more than half of women sitting in a computer class than males. This is because of the curiosity and passion for driving their communities towards better means. For obvious reasons, the women are now taking charge and leading many startups that are influencing the economy as well as driving a tech revolution in these countries.

Field of Computing

The field of computing comprises much more than just programming and networking, but it also concerns with the building of interfaces and lifting economies. While the number of women in this field has been decreasing with only 15% of women applying for Computer Science in Universities, the ratio is far below that in the ’80s. This is a serious issue that needs to be handled properly before the computer industry becomes only male-dominated with less influence from women.

Machine learning and World aspect

The common perception where women should be (or, are designed to be) working on people and relationships related careers, which are equally important like managers, consultants, etc. it is also eminent to step in the field of computing which will take over the whole world by a digital storm occupying everything in its way. For this deep machine, learning secrets must be learnt and understood. If only males are allowed to design and execute it, the AI will not tend to understand or realise the concerns of women which are a major issue since more than half the world’s population is women.

Breaking gender stereotypes

Women in technology do not only break gender stereotypes, but give a hard time dismantling patriarchy. What is expected of women is now changed to what they can do. AI can’t be left with the authorities of men but should equally be shared with the like minds of women who are extremely important to add the flavourful human essence into it. The algorithms designed won’t answer to male privileges but also women as human beings.

Necessary Steps

The idea of women in AI is to establish programs and increase productivity amongst women by letting them take admissions in more AI-related courses. Driving women to use their energy at the expense of AI Science which is going to shape the future. More women should be encouraged to enter STEM fields to help them realise their true potential in the making of AI.

Conclusion: AI will take over everything in a few years, and while everything is digitally controlled, the influence of women in this field will make it less chaotic and more harmonious than it can ever be. Or as one might put it, AI without women in it will create a world that will resemble a teenage boy’s smelly room.

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