Apple's "revolutionary" product is coming within 8 months, says designer Starck

Apple's "revolutionary" product is coming within 8 months, says designer Starck

Image: jikatsu/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Philippe Starck, who is a well known product designer – designing hotel and restaurant interiors, and apparently some hard drive enclosures for LaCie – has said that he has been working with Apple to create something “revolutionary”. Is this the supposed Apple TV – the one that actually is a TV, not its current incarnation? Or possibly a new iPhone?

Don’t get your hopes up just yet. We don’t know. Seriously, we don’t know.

And if it was so “revolutionary” as he claims – then it won’t be an iPhone 5 6 mainly because the iPhone was a revolutionary product. You can only reinvent the phone so many times – and unless it manages to incorporate holograms that don’t look as crummy as CNN’s one back in 2008, then it’s not that revolutionary.

According to news wire AFP, he also says that the company is planning to release this just in time for Christmas. Telling radio station France Info (before declining to comment even further), “Indeed, we have a big project together that will be out in eight months.”

It’s most likely not going to be a gadget, but possibly could be a new Apple Store experience. The Verge is hinting at a possibility of something to do with its spaceship-like campus – but it most likely won’t be since the ‘before Christmas’ vibe to it. Plus, realistically, how hard is it to make a building before Christmas. (Well, maybe a concept design)

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