OPINION: Apple Watch fails to live up to the hype

OPINION: Apple Watch fails to live up to the hype


So, after years of waiting, the so called Apple ‘iWatch’ finally made its appearance today, as the lacklustre Apple Watch.  Years of expectations being built up, will it have a curved sapphire screen,  or will it feature a round display? Will it run iOS or something entirely different? How will it offer anything different to the countless other smart watches already on the market?

What was announced  today, however, was quite a disappointment.  Simple rectangular screen, tacky appearance, and diminutive size. This is not the ‘iWatch’ the world was expecting. The leftmost watch below is Apple’s Sport Watch and looks especially substandard and poorly designed when compared to the other smart watches available today.


We gazed upon the beautiful Moto 360, with its round innovative display in  March 2014, and already its trademark style is being imitated by LG with their G Watch R.  Who ever would had considered that Motorola out-‘Appled’ Apple in the design department. After all, isn’t that what Apple is famous for?

Whilst a rectangular screen is present on a range of Android Wear devices from Sony, Samsung and LG, as well as Samsung’s Tizen smart watch range, overall it doesn’t seem to capture the same excitement as a rounded or curved watch. Samsung’s latest Gear S features a stunning curved AMOLED display, which is unmatched in terms of design stakes. However, it also offers the freedom of inserting a sim card into the watch, allowing you the freedom to leave your phone at home but still access the internet or be in touch. This is what I call innovation. Not what Apple is doing with there gimmicky ‘Digital Touch’ , where you can touch the screen in a certain pattern or draw a shape and send it to other Apple Watch users to feel what you drew.

Sure, we are still some months off Apple launching their watch in the broad ‘2015’ timeline, but really nothing major is expected to change prior to release. One of the largest concerns is the fact that no announcement was made on battery life specifics rather than the vague statement by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook ‘you can use it all day.’ It was also confirmed that the watch will not be ‘waterproof’ (so you can go swimming wear it in the shower)  but ‘water resistant’ (i.e. light splash of water from rain or washing your hands). This is quite disappointing since waterproofing smart watches has become an industry norm and sets Apple behind the others.

Whilst I still believe the Apple Watch will fly off the shelves when it does eventually launch thanks to Apple iSheep,  I implore you readers to really consider what Apple’s watch can do compared to the vast competition of other watches. Not only will you be able to buy something that can do more, looks much better and for a cheaper price,  you won’t be trapped in the endless Apple cycle of annual updates that make your original purchase look foolish (remember the original iPad?)

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