Apple updates iPod nano and touch; brings new pricing scheme

Apple updates iPod nano and touch; brings new pricing scheme

Apple’s iPhone announcement turned out to be one long announcement to announce several updates to its line, in addition to the iPhone 4S. The company has announced that it will be updating the iPod line slightly, with a new iPod touch that comes in white and slight interface additions.

For the iPod touch, it will also receive the iOS 5 update, including wireless syncing to iTunes and iMessages service. The iMessages service lets you communicate with other iOS devices – a somewhat clone of the BlackBerry Messenger service – and will need Wi-Fi. The iPhone equivalent can use the mobile network to send messages.

iPod nano now gets a slight update with improved Nike+ support, allowing you to use the nano as a pedometer and keep track of your fitness regime. In addition, Apple is letting you now use it as a watch, with 16 new watch faces, including Mickey Mouse. Usability has also been slightly improved with slightly larger icons.

The rest of the iPod line remains untouched. The iPod shuffle and classic, long rumoured to be getting the axe, has not left the Apple lineup. Both, however, will not get a revamp nor new prices.

The iPod nano 8GB will cost US$129 and the 16GB will cost US$169. The iPod touch also gets a new pricepoint at US$199 (8GB), US$299 (32GB) and US$399 (64GB).

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