Apple suggests placing iPad under cool water to fix heating issue

Apple suggests placing iPad under cool water to fix heating issue

Apple has more big news today, with the announcement of a new strategy to fix overheating iPad’s. The company’s CEO Tim Cook announced the companies solution via press conference, similar to the one seen during antenna-gate.

“We believe that great technology should not be seen as technology, but instead it should become invisible. Invisible technology becomes a part of your world. And your world is important. And when your world is part of the universe, amazing, magical things can happen.

When we heard about the concerns the iPad’s heat had caused, we found that, while this is disappointing to say, that we messed up. So today we’re going to unveil our solution. Not only are our customers important to us, but we are important to customers.

Our solution is this: whenever the new iPad becomes uncomfortably warm, we suggest placing it under a cool tap. Not only does this allow the tablet to cool, but it refreshes the internal components. It may also add 4G capabilities to overseas models.”

There are no hints at replacements, which is rather disappointing, but Apple believe’s that there is no problem that cannot be easily solved. What do you all think of the solution? Is it enough to convince you to keep your new iPad?

Note: DON’T DO IT! April Fools!

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